Entry Requirements

The Muslim College aims to implement its curriculum within an explicit acknowledgement that international society is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-faith.

In order to fulfil this goal in the MA in Islamic Studies programme, the educational approach is closely linked with the nature of the student group undertaking the programme. This approach is based on an understanding of students as active contributors as well as learners, and this is clearly reflected in the central use which the programme makes of peer group presentation and review of work undertaken on the programme.

This educational philosophy and its connected learning methods are particularly important in a context where, because of the diversity of their cultural and ethnic backgrounds, the students themselves can also play an important role as a resource in the teaching and learning involved in the programme. In order to achieve this, however, a delicate tension needs to be held between affirmation and respect of the students’ own cultural and ethnic traditions and the critical explanation of these traditions appropriate to the programme.

The Code of Practice is that all students and staff of all backgrounds can explore new ideas and experiences and engage critically with their diverse heritage. At the same time, a plural community can only function as an educational community when all its members feel affirmed and respected as well as challenged and questioned.

Where English is not the students’ first language, the College’s Language Centre might offer language support.

Entry Requirements

For the academic year 2011-2012, all applicants MUST have a good first degree, or the overseas equivalent. Applicants whose first degree in other subjects (e.g. Mathematics, History, English, etc.) will also be considered for admission.

The Muslim College recognisees that it is essential to provide equal opportunities to anyone who wishes to pursue an M.A in Islamic studies. The college will do all it can to educate and provide advice and guidance to its students at all levels without prejudice. The Muslim College will therefore allow anyone to come on to our M.A programme provided they fulfil all our criterions and meet our accords.

Academic Fees

The Academic fee covers the cost of registration, tuition, examination, review of coursework and class assignments and the cost of student amenities. The fee does not cover the cost for accommodation, meals and general living expenses.

The Muslim College academic fee for its two year MA Programme will be £5,000 (£2,500 per annum).

The Muslim College is committed to broadening the understanding and aptitude of all its students. The college therefore provides bursaries and scholarships for both home and international students. These funds will not have to be repaid at the end of the year and covers the cost of its academic fee. For more information, please contact the Muslim College.


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