MA in Islamic Studies

The Muslim College’s M.A. in Islamic Studies programme combines traditional learning together with an assessment of contemporary concerns that Muslims have to contend with, both at the academic and grass-root levels.  Students are encouraged to re-examine tradition with one foot firmly implanted in the present time.  Students are encouraged to reason and find constructive and carefully derived solutions to many of the problems the world is facing. The M.A. programme enables students to explicitly and directly address contemporary concerns by identifying the problems and issues on the ground and finding responses by looking at tradition afresh and deriving solutions through a careful re-examination of the corpus of classical learning.

The teaching staff of the Muslim College are all specialists in their designated fields:  from classical exegetical studies to Muslims living in the post-modern world.  Between them, the scholars have decades of teaching and research experience.

Diagrammatic Presentation of the Muslim College’s MA Islamic Studies programme

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