International Programme

One of the major programmes organised by the Muslim College is a specialist course attended by government officers from the Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia drawn across all sectors of the civil service and NGOs. The primary aim of the programme is to introduce participants to the workings and challenges faced by a modern secular [...]

Introduction to Islam

The Muslim College is proud to present a new, innovative course introducing the core aspects of Islam including: The five pillars Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith Islamic Law and Fiqh Sirah of the Prophet Sufism Islamic Art and Architecture Women in Islam Contemporary issues amongest Muslims Delivered by scholars and experts.The course will run on a [...]

Community Leadership and Imamship Programme

This course has been designed by the Muslim College to train and cultivate the skills of Muslims in the civil service, community workers, and those working in the British Islamic sector, either in a voluntary or professional capacity. It is also aimed at developing the skills of Imams and Muslim Leaders in Britain regarding leadership […]

BA in Islamic Studies

The BA Programme in Islamic Studies provides students with knowledge and understanding of the core textual tradition of Islam. They will also engage with religious, philosophical and wider intellectual discourses of Islam. Thus, it will ground students in Islamic core sources regarding the Qur’an and Sunnah. In addition, they will be introduced to Islamic history […]

MA in Islamic Studies

The curriculum is composed of six (6) modules and a dissertation of 10-12 thousand words, to be submitted by the end of the academic year after the successful completion of the taught courses. Each module is covered in twenty-two weeks of teaching. All courses are offered on a compulsory basis. Click on the links below [...]

History of the Muslim College

In 1983, the Muslim College was established by the World Islamic Call Society and Prof. Mohamed Aboulkhair Zaki Badawi (1922 -2006) was appointed as the first Principal of the College. The Muslim College began functioning as an educational institution of graduate studies in 1987, with the first cohort of students graduating with the MA in […]