The Muslim College views the entire Muslim heritage as a common treasure and encourages mutual respect and understanding between various Muslim communities. The college also seeks to inform Muslims about other faiths in the hope that understanding will lead to respect and harmony.
Students at the Muslim College are expected to develop a critical approach to traditional and contemporary issues of religion, and to combine theoretical, vocational and practical experiences in their evaluation of a religiously plural society. Students are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the challenges that modern life poses to religion in general and Islam in particular, and to study in depth the impact that the interaction between Islam and modernity leaves on the pattern of culture, belief and social behavior.


The 3 main objectives of the Muslim College are:

  • To provide a comprehensive Islamic education to all who wish to learn about Islam without prejudice.
  • To provide platforms for other faith communities, NGOs, charities, organisations so as to convey the spirit of multiculturalism and interfaith dialogue that is befitting to Islamic belief.
  • To ease tensions within communities by offering advice, services and pastoral care.   The Muslim College will accomplish this by providing its clients opportunities and spaces to examine and explore faiths in the West.