The Muslim College is committed to promoting excellence in teaching, research and training. It offers post-graduate students the advantage of a friendly and attentive environment with opportunities to address multi-dimensional issues by exercising critical judgment and self-discipline. The Muslim College also aims at developing the local community through training, vocational education and pioneering new courses. The college has a positive approach to dialogue between faiths and cultures and has been recognised for its interfaith endeavours. At the Muslim College, students have a unique opportunity within the British higher education system to learn about the challenges faced by the Muslim community in particular and humanity in general.

The courses at the Muslim College will invite you to critically reflect on the emergence of Islam, the formation of Muslim scholarship and the changing shape of Muslim societies as a result of a continuing dialogue with surrounding world cultures. You will acquire a fuller understanding of the rich diversity of sources and traditions that Muslims and non-Muslims have created over the centuries. In this way, we hope that the programmes will help you prepare for a wide range of activities and careers and enable you to make a meaningful contribution to society.

The diverse body of students at the Muslim College will provide you with opportunities to exchange views with others from different backgrounds. Being able to engage with different intellectual positions in a respectful yet rigorous manner is an important part of the learning experience at the college. The international teaching team and the prominent researchers you will encounter while at the Muslim College will help further develop your scholarly abilities and open doors to future studies.

I invite you to read our prospectus carefully and to contact our team should you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you on campus soon and to talk to you about your academic endeavours and future careers.

Mohammed Benotman